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A Cure for Restlessness; James Wilson; 22: enemies 
22nd-Oct-2007 10:29 pm
Title: A Cure for Restlessness
Author: nieded
Rating: R
Fandom; Characters: House, MD; James Wilson
Prompt: housefic50; James Wilson; 22 enemies
Disclaimer: I admit it! I kidnapped them!
Warnings: Violence, yay!
Author's notes: I wrote this a long time ago. If you haven't noticed, I'm preoccupied with the afterlife and reincarnation. I think I wrote this before Season 3 even so if it paralells anything similar to anyone else... *shrugs* It's unintentional. It's not actually House, I guess. It's more an original one-shot, but I used Wilson because I love Wilson and I love abusing Wilson. This is an incredibly violent depiction of how an angel earns his wings.
Synopsis: Each guard carries a steel baton clasped to the hilt of their uniform belts. They have no faces, just black masks with no eyeholes and skillful hands that lovingly grip the metal weapons, savoring the feeling of bone crushing under the weight of each solid blow.

( A Cure for Restlessness )

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