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Title: Temporary Arrangements
Fandom: House, M.D
Pairing: House/Wilson/Cuddy
Words: 1047
Rating: PG
Summary: There's comfort to be had in temporary arrangements.

A/N: This is set in the One Time Thing-verse, but can be read as a standalone. It's set in some mythical time in S2 and features an established relationship. For the housefic50 prompt #002: Middles.

and for your information, Rod Stewart once worked as a gravedigger

fic: cameron: three drabbles (fear/red/consequences)

Title: Three Drabbles
Characters, Pairings: Cameron
Genre: Gen
Spoilers: absolutely nothing
Rating: PG
Length: 300 words total
Notes: Three one-hundred-word drabbles, all Cameron-centric. Allison's late, Allison playing dress-up, and Truth or Consequences. Inspired by the following prompts: #08 (Fear), #11 (Red), #18 (Consequences).


( fear; red; consequences )


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Title: love song (stuck in my throat)
Fandom: House, M.D
Pairing: House/Cuddy
Rating: PG-13
Words: 860
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Shore and co. I'm merely playing.
Summary: After all these years, look at me/With a love song stuck in my throat.

A/N: Set after 3.14, 'Insensitive'. For the housefic50 prompt: #019: denial. Title and summary from Kris Delmhorst's 'Damn Love Song'. This is a writing exercise – your thoughts are welcome. I'm not known for my sensitivity.

love song (stuck in my throat)
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A Cure for Restlessness; James Wilson; 22: enemies

Title: A Cure for Restlessness
Author: nieded
Rating: R
Fandom; Characters: House, MD; James Wilson
Prompt: housefic50; James Wilson; 22 enemies
Disclaimer: I admit it! I kidnapped them!
Warnings: Violence, yay!
Author's notes: I wrote this a long time ago. If you haven't noticed, I'm preoccupied with the afterlife and reincarnation. I think I wrote this before Season 3 even so if it paralells anything similar to anyone else... *shrugs* It's unintentional. It's not actually House, I guess. It's more an original one-shot, but I used Wilson because I love Wilson and I love abusing Wilson. This is an incredibly violent depiction of how an angel earns his wings.
Synopsis: Each guard carries a steel baton clasped to the hilt of their uniform belts. They have no faces, just black masks with no eyeholes and skillful hands that lovingly grip the metal weapons, savoring the feeling of bone crushing under the weight of each solid blow.

( A Cure for Restlessness )

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fic: Another Book and Another List and Another Dream

Title: Another Book and Another List and Another Dream
Author: goddesspharo
Characters/Pairing: House/Cuddy, Wilson
Prompt: 019. Denial.
Word Count: 2531
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 2x22 'Forever,' 2x24 'No Reason,' and 3x5 'Fools For Love'.
Summary: "At the very least, my contempo casual look would override any flair for hooker chic that the kid might get from you."
Disclaimer: 'House, M.D.' belongs to David Shore and FOX. No infringement intended.

( She buys a baby book every time she starts a new IVF treatment. )
motto → life: better than you

fic: Zen and the Art of Unemployment

Title: Zen and the Art of Unemployment
Author: goddesspharo
Characters/Pairing: House/Cuddy
Prompt: 003. Ends.
Word Count: 500 (five connected drabbles, 100 words each)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 1x18 'Babies and Bathwater'.
Summary: Heartfelt speeches, while charming, don't exactly pay for Ricky's newest pair of Nike sneakers or Jenny's Gucci bag.
Disclaimer: 'House, M.D.' belongs to David Shore and FOX. No infringement intended.

( Money, it turns out, can buy a whole hell of a lot. )