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002. Middles - Allison Cameron 
3rd-Jun-2007 02:27 pm
Cameron -looking down
Title: Chapters
Characters/Pairing: Cameron, Chase/Cameron, slight House/Cameron.
Prompt: 002. Middles
Words: 200
Spoilers: 3x24 Human Error
Rating: PG-13

Foreman is leaving, Chase has been fired, and it wouldn't be the same if you stayed.

You turn in your resignation to House, taking note of the faint look of surprise on his face. There's no awkwardness when you touch his arm and tell him you'll miss him. Because you will. The insults, crude jokes, fleeting glances, even the rhythmic cadence of his walk. Briefly, you think about kissing him but your pride blocks the sentiment.

You have no idea what you will do next, and that thought alone is scary. Sure, there are openings you know about but normally you have had time to plan, getting the next thing set up. It is out of character for you to resign with nothing to move on to. You have stagnated in your routine. This catalyst will jolt you into action.

And Chase. A big question mark. Your feelings are tentative, perhaps a bit misplaced, but you decide that you can have some fun while you figure that out. You miss what you had with him, even if it was merely convenience and carnal need.

Everything is chaotic, and later you will have time to think.

Right now, you just move.

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